My name is Steve Worrell and I am making it my mission to give back to the modding community which has given me so much joy over the years.

Sim-Racing Superstore is a pet project of mine designed to give sim-racers a few resources to make finding content for their favourite sims easier. It is also a platform for modders to trade their digital assets with the world.

I firmly believe that the work that goes into creating mods for sim-racing titles should be rewarded. I know, not everyone agrees with me, and that's ok, but if you put the hours into a creative project you should be able benefit from your hard work. Studios like Race Sim Studio and VRC make such high quality content I would feel guilty not parting with a couple of quid for their efforts.

Aside from Sim-Racing Superstore I work as a full-stack marketing and creative consultant. Besides working for global consumer electronics firms I have worked with a number of sim-racing related brands and individuals. An example of that would be that I am Jimmy Broadbent's camera man, Yes that's right, I'm cameraman Steve, it's not SuperGT as everyone seems to think.

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